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Workplace utilization and occupation study

Study of how spaces are used to provide unbiased data on the activities carried out by staff, the use of work and meeting spaces with regards to the equipment used.

Functionality relevant to your workplace

Services - AnalyseiD
SpaceiD Workplace utilization and occupation study


Workplace experience survey

Survey on work experiences, homeworking or any other form of work arrangement to analyze preferences, behavior, and employee affect while determining the level of efficiency in workspaces and the quality of life at work.

Get all your employees involved in the changes.

Services - SurveyiD
SpaceiD Workplace experience survey


Workplace quality sensor

Connected air quality sensors that measure the quality and comfort of your workspaces. Identify potential problems related to acoustics, air quality, or even temperature.

Analyze the quality and comfort of your workspaces.

Services - SenseiD
SpaceiD Air quality sensor


Workshops and
strategic interviews

Interviews, brainstorming sessions, and workshops aimed at pinpointing different profiles (activity, mobility) of employees' work environment needs.

Co-create your own working environment.

Services - YourPlaceiD
SpaceiD Workspace design
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